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The Case for Outsourced Marketing

Posted: ArticlesBase, October 28, 2010
Author: Justine Perry

Outsourcing your marketing gives you the flexibility of a whole team of marketing professionals
with expertise in all marketing disciplines, through one single resource. It's a dedicated marketing team if you don't have one, or an extension of your marketing power if you do.

Whether you're looking to develop and launch a new brand, devise and execute a marketing strategy, or design, build, and launch a brand new website, using a marketing consultancy ensures that industry specialists who are experts in their field are working on your behalf towards your goals. And because it's outsourced, you only pay for what you need.

Why outsource?

During these credit crunching times, many small to medium sized companies (and many corporations too) inevitably need to reduce or freeze their marketing budgets whilst, at the same time, maintain or even increase their sales revenues. Less staff, less budget, bigger targets... great, how do you achieve your business objectives then? The answer is simple. Outsource your marketing.

Return on investment

By outsourcing your Marketing requirements you should be looking on measurable return
on your investment. Broadly speaking, there are three different ways to outsource, but most
marketing companies are pretty flexible about these as it will depend on your business
requirements and objectives:

  • One-off project: Perfect for when you require a new marketing strategy, a total brand review,
    an analysis of your marketing team's or website's performance/effectiveness or a product
    launch, this option provides a one-off blast of help from experts when you need it most
  • Campaign outsource: You know what you want to do. You know how much you want to spend. You know the results you need to deliver. You just need someone to actually make it happen.
  • Full service outsource: You need a marketing strategy designed specifically for your business;
    a communication plan that will reach your target audience and deliver results and someone to take responsibility for making it happen, to deadline and within budget. In short, you want the power and results of a fully equipped marketing department, but don't want to recruit a whole bunch of staff.

Benefits of outsourcing...

  • No staff overhead costs, desk space, sick pay, national insurance,
    tax or staff management within your own business
  • Speed and focus
  • Constant flow of fresh thinking and new ideas
  • Cutting edge marketing techniques and experience
  • Full marketing skill-set

Dispelling the outsourcing myths

No-one has as much enthusiasm for your business as your employees. Right?

Wrong! Outsource marketing companies will proactively endeavor to learn the different aspects of your business, market and industry - and aim to work in partnership with your team to deliver your business objectives.

Outsourcing is expensive. Right?

Wrong. Outsourcing is an incredibly cost effective way of having big company marketing power, whatever the size of your organization. How much would it cost to employ a full time Marketing Director, Manager or Executive? Or a specialist in a specific marketing discipline? Or perhaps a whole in-house marketing team?

What would they be able to deliver and to what standards? Which marketing disciplines would be their core skills base? How much time would be lost via holidays, sick days and meetings?

Having your Marketing team on-site is better. Right?

It can be - there are definite benefits. But does having staff on-site really matter to your business as long as the work is done? Do you really need to pay all of those overhead costs when you can have a marketing team on call whenever you need one?

Think about it...

With your marketing safely outsourced you are free to focus on other business priorities. Save time. Save money. Get results.


About the Author

Justine Perry is a marketing professional with over 20 years of experience in building search
engine friendly websites and delivering high performance online marketing campaigns.


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