Holistic MarCom is where your marketing needs and the
strategy to execute intersect at a budget that works for you.

Holism is the idea that the properties of a system cannot be defined or determined by the individual parts of the system; everything is connected and interdependent. The Holistic MarCom concept is based on the development, design and implementation of outsourced marketing and communications programs while recognizing the interdependency of each activity and leveraging their consolidated strength to achieve the most traction.

Holistic MarCom was founded by Michael Gans when he saw a substantial need for professional marketing expertise, specifically from small businesses that don't have someone on their staff to manage the details of their marketing & communications programs. Holistic MarCom offers an affordable alternative to a full time employee, while offering experience in a variety of areas and knowledge of popular design software. Holistic MarCom provides outsourced marketing solutions to tackle individual or multiple projects, and critical marketing services that will help you meet your business development goals.

If you don't have a marketing department, Holistic MarCom can handle any of your marketing initiatives from conception through deployment to measurement of effectiveness. If you have a marketing department, Holistic MarCom can collaborate with existing staff to fine tune the
corporate image and messaging to best resonate with your target market.



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Holistic MarCom for outsourced marketing and communications;
Direct mail & e-mail blasts, trade show coordination & customer event management, logo creation & brand management, collateral design, press
releases, case studies, corporate messaging, SEO, presentations, website content, graphic design, market research, strategy and execution.

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